Changelog - v0.1.16.2374

🔷 Pixel font option that avoids antialiasing to provide a cleaner/easier to read font option
ᅠᅠ The setting is in the Options menu under 'Pixel Font'
ᅠᅠ Some text may still need converting to display in that font
🔷 Setup to grind wheat and create flour in a windmill
🔷 Sack outside player's house is the dropoff point for items collected by your family when the larder is full
🔷 Initial divorce option now available from the priest (at the cost of some Brass)
🔷 Housekeeping book has a routine set per day of the week
🔶 Larger weekly request noticeboard task available
🔶 Digging minigame UI updated
🔶 Reward chance per level of digging and ability based on the quality of your spade
🔶 World map centers on the region you are in when opening
🔶 Housekeeping book UI improvements, including a dropdown list to choose from for activities
🔶 Discord and Twitter buttons added to the Options menu
🔶 Pig riding player animations now work correctly with 'always run' setting and while walking
🔶 Larder stack count up to 5
🔶 Various minor UI/graphical improvements
🔶 Lemonade stand balanced to have less customers per hour
❌ Fix for portals in some regions not functioning correctly
❌ Fix for larder items being mistakenly removed in a different UI screen
❌ Fixes for a few minor control issues with cooking
❌ Fix for SFX incorrectly playing on the goddess statue map screen
❌ No 'hang on' prompt while crafting as a blacksmith apprentice
❌ Preventative fix for crash on noticeboard tasks