Changelog - v0.1.16.2360

🔷 Road to marriage setup in place where the player has a seven step tradition in proposing to eligible characters
🔷 Wedding cutscene placeholder draft
🔷 After marriage spouse should live on the player's farm (first pass)
🔷 A new region is accessible via Rivermoor (first pass)
🔷 Larder added next to stove in player's home
ᅠᅠ Can store up to 10 items usable by the player's family
🔷 Scheduler for spouse activities with some additional behaviours to start helping out around the farm
🔷 Digging has a minigame and is no longer luck based to get a reward (first pass)
🔶 Many region adjustments including:
ᅠᅠ Mine/cave lighting
ᅠᅠ Navigation
ᅠᅠ Dressing the regions
ᅠᅠ Vistas (near region exit areas)
ᅠᅠ Layering fixes, and more
🔶 The above adjustments also include the Loverwood region, which got sneakily added a few updates back
🔶 Added additional books covering marriage and some tweaks to existing ones
🔶 Tweaks to goddess offering UI
🔶 Status info tweaks to not overlap icons with text and to show current activity for spouse
❌ Fix for crash on going to region with date where time has run out
❌ Fix for holding object positions for the adult player
❌ Fix for grouped objects not drawing based on a collision location
❌ Correct navigation in Loverwood near Roger's house
❌ Fix for error in old gifting screen which results in unintended purchase from shopkeepers
❌ Improved alignment of Cowpat Farm player mapping
❌ Prevented create task for monuments for homes that don't have monuments
❌ Fix to prevent setting wedding day to the current day
❌ Fix to shop closing every hour if you have workers but there is nobody working in the opening hours for that day