Changelog - v0.1.15.2332

🔷 Added changelog option to the options screen to see this changelog!
🔶 For noticeboard tasks, if the reward is money it should still give a little friendship boost
🔶 Make day of date clearer
❌ Fix for audio memory leak when entering and leaving shops
❌ Fix for crash on ledger when no transactions are present
❌ Player shouldn't revert to kid after shrinking finishes
❌ Player hair colour should change correctly when loading a save as an adult
❌ Collected proverbs should show the correct item image on the collect screen
❌ NPC age correctly moves on a year on various screens after the NPC's birthday
❌ Delivery tasks shouldn't reflect negative friendship if the NPC doesn't like the item but has still requested it for whatever reason!
❌ Created tasks that repeat should repeat correctly after the first repeat
❌ Created tasks shouldn't reward brass when not expected to
❌ Characters should handle multiple dates correctly
❌ Rose of Romance can be delivered as part of a task
❌ Adjusted burial ground map player offset
❌ Stop pig riding sound happening in certain menus