Changelog - v0.1.15.2326

🔷 Adult player change at 20
🔷 Life mirror
🔷 Dating first pass work including locations to discover
🔷 Can create some extra custom task types (Goddess/Brounie Offering/Feed Pet)
🔶 Animal food likes and dislikes improved on
🔶 Some improvements around following navigation (though more to be done)
🔶 Improvements to offering statue 'worship' state
🔶 New SFX for several player actions
🔶 Monument stone UI update (in progress)
🔶 Glow for home offering shrines gifted
🔶 World map background scrolls with movement
🔶 Updates for some of the level maps to a higher resolution version
🔶 Some task tidyup after the first season
🔶 NPC status now shows friendship level and an indicator of how far the level is from going up
🔶 Adjustment of shadow offset for NPC's
🔶 Adjusted frequency of illnesses from lack of food to be a bit slower
❌ Fixed the screen judder when hitting collisions, particularly noticeable while riding the pig
❌ Speculative change to allow large address aware memory. This allows the game to use some more memory (3gb/4gb cap based on availability and a 32/64 bit OS respectively) which may be helpful in reducing instances of out of memory issues.
❌ Fix for Druida Cross lost item tasks having nowhere to place the item
❌ Can assign swords to combat hotbar using number keys
❌ Friendship point consequence for not completing a task with an expiry time
❌ Cleared NPC quest markers if a task is removed
❌ Fix for NPC's wandering off from playing the lute (they should fall asleep if not immune to it!)