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Thread: Password Reset and wanting to throw things

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    Password Reset and wanting to throw things

    So I created this account a while ago and because I finally played the game today for the first time, I wanted to log in and offer feedback. However, getting a password reset to work took over a dozen tries and got me to the unfortunate point of wanting to throw things.

    So re site feedback, the login screen with the User ID and Password box is useless. Every attempt to use it took me to the same YouTube video. So either you are trolling your players with this vid or you have multiple issues with the login screen. I finally was able to login and reset the password using the little boxes at upper right.

    What worked: Password reset email. Came immediately.
    What didn't work: Being able to click on a working login box.

    Might want to look at your redirect on that too.

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    Dang, sorry to hear that! That page is using Google's new (and questionably reliable) reCAPTCHA update and it sounds like it wasn't playing nice with your browser for some reason. It also sounds like you somehow managed to stumble onto a weird site easter egg even! That weird video is where spambots often get sent off to in order to move their traffic offsite.

    I'll do some snooping around that page and see if I can tweak how that reCAPTCHA is interacting with form fields. If anything wonky happens again on your end feel free to drop me a line directly at and I'll be sure to sort it out for ya straight away.

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    Really don't mean to break into an old thread and revive it, but this login page issue is still present, sending me to Google's reCAPTCHA page ( I mean, I'd love to learn more about reCAPTCHA, but ...

    EDIT: So I'm not creating a new thread, the "Reputation" link under "My Profile" is busted, throwing a 404.

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    I like the way the site works, there are no problems all the features work perfectly!

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