Changelog - v0.1.15.2296

🔶 Goddess point offerings now correctly matched to the Goddess
🔶 Some further Goddess boons/jinxes/blessings/curses setup
🔶 Offering on Goddess day counts as a top up for that day only, with it resetting the following day
🔶 Adjusted pig riding speed down a bit
❌ Fix for animated tile collision occasionally not working as expected, allowing the player out of bounds in several places
❌ Fixed a crash between certain levels when the player has a follower
❌ Fixed a crash with pig racing when the player's ride competes
❌ Fixed a crash when riding a pig and trying to interact with the Goods Store animal stall
❌ Object shadows should no longer pop in when moving upwards
❌ Throwing minigame costs 1 Brass to replay and you can't play if you don't have enough Brass
❌ Adjusted the shop buying UI controls to be more consistent (though this UI is still due to change)
❌ Fixed an issue where gifts for tasks wouldn't work because they were in the midst of shopping
❌ Adjusted position of holding object while riding a pig
❌ Adjusted position of player riding pig while selling at a stand
❌ Improved riding pig player position while next to characters