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Thread: Changelog - v0.1.15.2286

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    Changelog - v0.1.15.2286


    Changelog - v0.1.15.2286

    🔷 Initial noticeboard setup
    • Three types of tasks to start with "Cook wanted", "Lost item" and "Item Wanted" that generate each day
    • Cook wanted has a limited time limit of the current day and then will run out of time
    • Each haven has their own board with tasks relating to the residents of that location
    🔷 Adjustments to Prologue that will add some extra content to it and include near daily 'autodad' messages to help guide the player
    🔷 Each house for families should have a delivery box where you can deliver requested items and leave gifts
    🔷 NPC's waiting for gifts (relating to the noticeboard and favour tasks) have an exclamation mark for them
    🔷 Going into the gift option for an NPC has any items that fulfil gift requirements appear first in the list and with sparkles to highlight them
    🔷 A task can now be set as the 'active task'.
    • Where applicable, this will mark it on the world map with a location to go to.
    • Pressing F1 or Clicking Left Stick will briefly trigger a trail from the player in the direction of the exit you need to go towards
    • (Though this might not always be the shortest route, as many shortcuts are hidden all over the world!)
    🔷 There's an 'Add New Task' option at the top of the task list after the Prologue now, due to the Active Task using the A button to set it
    🔷 Added the 'Wottyzit', a small faery that draws your attention to new interactive elements and then flies away
    🔷 New pet whistle, activated via Dismount mapping (default Tab/LB on gamepad)
    • This allows you to summon, send home, and get your pets to stay where they are (until you leave the level)
    • Their status also lets you know whereabouts they might currently be!
    🔷 Goddess statues upgraded experience currently underway.
    • Gift to each of the 6 Goddesses during the week and on the last day of the week you can assign 'grace' (which can offer boons)
    • Failing to give sufficient offerings over time will incur a negative grace, which will lead to curses if not careful
    • Not all boons/curses are added as yet and are marked 'TBD' if not yet implemented
    🔷 Mailbox UI first pass to include archive and new mails that can be from NPC's (alongside dev updates)
    🔶 Music for blacksmith extended in both regions
    🔶 New item popup UI improved
    🔶 The first slot for setting an item in the shop is blank so you can remove items already placed without having to replace them
    🔶 Nav fix for house in Candlewych West
    🔶 Minor minigame score screen UI polish
    🔶 Various minor level updates
    🔶 When apples go rotten from not providing an offering, it makes a visible change to the apples on the trees
    🔶 Various minor level improvements and fixes made
    🔶 Market stalls now have more seeds available for sale
    🔶 Chat boxes have different colours for NPC's to highlight their friendship rating with the player
    🔶 Chickens can now lay eggs on a daily basis through a more friendly manner
    🔶 Tasks no longer clear on sandbox, but their reward may have changed
    🔶 Improvements for proverb/recipe popup UI
    🔶 Improvements around mailbox
    🔶 Improvements with noticeboard event and cooking task presentation
    🔶 Interact on items that you don't have permission should now show red
    🔶 Sped up the continue button appearing for the new day box
    🔶 Equip and close now has a keyboard shortcut
    🔶 Some extra chats in a few situations
    ❌ Fix for exploit in fishing where leaving and returning to the area immediately spawned in new fish that had been caught
    ❌ Shop owners should appear in their shops when you enter the level after they have already started work
    ❌ End of year tax setup now puts the player back at Day 1 of Spring
    ❌ Fix for autosave happening prior to being placed in bed, leading to offset positions on reloading a save
    ❌ Fix for mapping to slot not working when the hover highlight was over a unmappable item even though the dragged item was
    ❌ Can use shortcuts to go between the skill/NPC status and the other 3 UI screens for consistency
    ❌ Fix for lantern not being detected correctly due to the second lantern taking over the active slot
    ❌ Shoppers should appear with correct exclamation and question marks when they are for existing NPC's
    ❌ Shoppers should retain opinion of actions carried out while they are shoppers
    ❌ Book pauses NPC's in the background as intended
    ❌ Fix for Esc key not working correctly on backing out of creating tasks
    ❌ Fix for infrequent crash on teleporting between levels due to NPC's trying to pick a new navigation spot while the new level is partly loaded
    ❌ Fix for trader not appearing in Candlewych Village
    ❌ Fix for farm monument map not being completable
    ❌ Fix for nightly object updates not always happening
    ❌ Fix for stall exploit where you could sell a new item by changing it while a customer waited for a higher price
    ❌ Brounie offering works from any offering bowl by a house as intended
    ❌ Player must have sufficient friend rating to use a bed/oven/stove from another household, similar to their trees
    ❌ While riding a pig you can't target them
    ❌ Crash fix on changing certain levels
    ❌ Fixed situation where Twig wouldn't do his intro correctly
    ❌ Fixed sibling not showing up as expected to progress the story
    ❌ Fixed case where task might be deleted mistakenly and limited the ability to delete tasks to after the Prologue
    ❌ Navigation fixes for a few levels
    ❌ Fixed some delivery boxes that were the wrong way round

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