Hi! I posted this yesterday, but it seems that it wasn't posted, so I'm reposting it, along with some extra bugs I've found since then. Anyways, yesterday I played through some Kynseed on the Experimental Branch, and found a lot of bugs and also have suggestions, feedback and questions as well.


-Fish can move through docks and even land. (I should have tried to catch one!)

-when I press ESC and it gives me a menu of options, it pauses everything but time. Characters donít move, nothing changes, except that time passes. Iíll Ďpauseí the game in the morning, come back a few minutes later and itís dark.

-When doing literally anything with the fishing rod, I can still move, though Iím stuck in a weird position until I reel back my line. Iím pretty sure thatís not supposed to happen.

-Twigís house is apparently on a layer above my character, because my entire body can go under it if i find the right spot. (I am one with the barrel in this screenshot)

-When I interact with my father's bed, when I close the menu Iíll find myself under the covers of his ebd, able to move about, including through the wall and outside. (Secret escape route?)

-Sometimes, not always, when I fall asleep because itís late, somehow my bed covers appear upon me. Itís like Iím sleeping in bed, but the base of my bed isnít there, probably because Iím in Candlewhych. (Did I just take my sheets with me?)

-when my dad goes to sleep in his bed, his ĎZzzís come out of the bottom right post of his bed. (Itís not him thatís sleeping, itís his bed?)

-Nettle growing in the Apothecary? I already gathered it when i took the screenshot, but you can see where it grew.

-Baby can somehow walk while swaddled in a blanket? And he can walk around outside with no adult supervision at all?! I even saw him go inside someone elseís houseÖ

-I can walk inside countertops?!

-I can walk in this pond on Mother Hubbardís property, and fish at the same time. And when I fell asleep, my character sorta glitched out and stayed standing.

-If I click in a direction while running, my character faces that way, but keeps running. How can she run as fast backwards and sideways as she can forwards?!

-F1 for the trail thing is not listed in controls, nor is it in the Keybindings menu


-Option to skip the cutscene at the beginning of the game. This is useful for when you decide to start a new save, but you know the whole story and you donít want to have to watch through it.

-My Ďsiblingí has no name. Iíd like it if they had a name. I like how the player characterís nameís spelling is different for each gender; Maybe the sibling could have a name like that too? Though I do kinda like the freedom it gives you to give a name to your sibling-- I call my brother August.

-On Day 3, I was supposed to buy seeds from the Market. I used the trail thingy, but once I found my way to Candlewhych Village, it simply told me that I was on the right level. It would be helpful if the trail thing would still lead you if youíre on the right level. Also, the seeds were in Festival Green and not Candlewhych, but whenever I went to Festival Green the trail thing told me to go back to the village.

-If Iím riding my pig, I can choose the ĎRideí option again, and me and my pig will move a bit southeast. Not a big thing, but maybe you could gray out the ride option or something, since the player is already riding the pig?

-I had to look up what I can feed my dog, and it seems that he can only eat pork, and is hungry several times a day, but pork is hard to get. In real life, dogs eat plenty of other things. My dog loves apples, strawberries, and blueberries, among many other things. Though he hates cabbage and other leafy greens. So maybe you could make it so the dog eats more than just meat?

Other feedback:

-I like the mail system, especially how I got the letter from Twig and thus the task. On my other save, I only knew Twig existed because I watched a video of someone playing Kynseed and finding Twig. So that's pretty cool.

-When I have an animal following me, itís hard to collect fruits and such, as when I press E, I get the animal interaction menu for my dog instead of my player collecting the carrot I want. It's hard to do anything whenever I have animals following me, which is sad because I want to have an army of chickens but it makes it hard to do anything else.

-Money is gained pretty easily. I don't even have anything to buy, and I already have over 120 gold on Day 6, just from selling things at the general store and market. It'd be nice if you earned money less easily, or if tings were priced more expensively, as it sorta takes the fun out of the game when you're rich while you're still 12. Dad says we can't afford a pig, but I could probably buy us several out of my pocket money.


-What does the circle of dandelions in the top right corner mean? I assume itís supposed to be time, but it works kind of weird and doesnít appear in the morning, but instead later in the day, maybe afternoon or so. If this is supposed to be the clock, it's pretty confusing. I can't tell when '15-18' is when someone requests a meal.