Changelog - v0.1.14.2219

🔷 New ownable business: The Goods Store!
🔷 Pick items and set their prices at each podium.
  • Customers will browse and comment on items, giving you hints on what they are after and if the price is right.
  • Sell any animals you own as well. Make sure to feed them to keep them healthy enough for sale!
🔷 Customers will occasionally come by with items to trade-in which might get you a bargain to sell on
🔷 Hire staff to run the counter by choosing from existing NPC's in the local haven.
  • Each has their own unique stats making them more or less suited to the role and affecting what level of pay they expect.
  • Over time they'll gain experience and level up to improve their stats.
  • Be aware that they'll expect wage increases when their stats level up and when the shop is doing well!
  • Workers have a stamina gauge that will go down each hour that they work.
  • If stamina gets too low, their ability to work will be impacted - balance their workload and feed them to boost their stamina back up.
🔷 Gain Reputation with good customer service and reasonable prices, all of which raises your region and world Reputation.
  • Reputation will slowly rise for your shop's local region and will eventually spill over into world reputation.
  • Higher Reputation unlocks various perks to get more customers, allow higher prices, better bartering skill, unlocks customers from faraway regions, among other perks.
  • Each region has their own preferred items which, along with the price of an item and stats of the worker, will affect how much Reputation you gain or lose. These might swing the balance of how often that region visits your store.
  • (The Reputation system is still Work-In-Progress and will likely change to a more player customisable system in a future update.)
🔷 The Blacksmith Shop now allows a second worker to carry out the crafting! Their stats affect the success and quality of the results.
🔷 To aid with the second worker, the Blacksmith Shop now has its own stock of ore which you can order for when you don't want to contribute your own. Higher levels of Reputation will unlock better ore to buy.
🔷 The Goods Store and Blacksmith Shop are now available for purchase in Poppyhill (with their own music variations as well).
🔷 Ledger has had some improvements for the additional sections now available.
  • You can access a transactions list from the Accounts tab to track exactly what has gone on in your shop recently.
  • For help on any screen, you can press F1 or click the left thumbstick to bring up an info panel.
🔷 First pass noticeboard added to Candlewych. For now this just adds events to the calendar of things that happen in Festival Green.
🔷 Setup for strawberry and blueberry jam recipes.
🔶 NPC owned Goods Stores and Blacksmith Shops now more closely match the way player owned versions work.
🔶 Blacksmith crafting now uses a balance of ore quality and sharpness/durability.
🔶 With the 4 moulds currently available for Blacksmith crafting only, the sickle and sword now require sharpening with the grindstone.
🔶 Bartering minigame now varies in speed/size of the target plus the number of rounds based on the item in question and the customer's skill.
🔶 Goods market and chicken racing now available in Festfield.
🔶 Shops can handle a queue of up to 6 people now.
🔶 The item screen should now group items by star rating and the inventory should now show count per star rating in the selected item panel.
🔶 New keyboard bindings used for Blacksmith minigame.
🔶 Shop queuers now take a bit of a break between complaining about queues.
🔶 Various minor UX tweaks with options screen, XYB slot assignment, calendar, mailbox gamepad controls, money notification, and SFX for various shop screens.
❌ Fix for keybindings not saving and loading correctly in some cases.
❌ Fix for shop prices not always changing based on season.
❌ Lemonade stand should stop at the correct number of hours spent there and won't allow you to start it without having any items to sell.
❌ Fixed some NPC's getting stuck near the tavern when there was no available place to sit in the tavern.
❌ Fixed returning through a portal at a certain point in the game causing a hang where the player couldn't reactivate the portal and continue.
❌ Fixed all known icons not having in-game versions that highlight in the Goods Store.
❌ NPC's now gather what drops from their trees.
❌ The local map should now show the player's name for stores they own.
❌ NPC info on querying should show all likes/dislikes instead of 'To fill in'.
❌ Luminium goods will be ordered by customers if the player has found some.
❌ Offerings switched to the new gifting setup.
❌ Shoppers coming to the lemonade stand should match the current haven only.
❌ Fix for Blacksmith Shop customers not always paying for pre-ordered goods.
❌ Made the game write to the error.txt file in cases where the error is not on the main thread.
❌ Fix for rare circumstances where a crash could occur going between levels from navigation threads.
❌ If the player hasn't initiated the Blacksmith sickle task, it will automatically start upon reaching Day 14.
❌ Fixed some screens where left click on the mouse would make a sound when not over an option.