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Thread: My Personal Thoughts So Far

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    My Personal Thoughts So Far

    I hope you guys do not mind me creating a new thread on this topic as I'm kinda lost with so many threads already on the forum. But on to the topic! I just started playing this games a few days back and there are several things I want to mention about it.

    I love the art in the game. It is rather clean and colourful enough in my opinion that it doesn't hurt my eyes to stare at my screen for long. The Prologue is decent, I just reached the end of it today, but that ending twist there was totally unexpected and I enjoyed it (even though I was not ready for it!). The interaction with animals is simple enough but I do think it would be much more helpful if words were put under the hand sign to tell which means "Follow" and "Stop". It took me a long while to finally figure out what the hand sign even meant.

    But when I did...

    (No regrets doing it but I'm somewhat saddened when they had to return to their respective places.)

    Back to the topic, in line with that I do believe this game needs more tutorial on the keys. As in, probably need the NPCs and more signboards speaking in XBox controller language? Just saying because I play with the controller and not the keyboard. Most of the keys were easy enough to figure out myself after a while but actions like using my Right Analog Stick to aim the light from the lantern was never mentioned hence I did not even know I could do it at all. Really got me lost there when I had to meet with Mr. Fairweather.

    Aside from that is the action of collecting or interacting with anything at all while riding on the pig. I noticed I can only interact with anything and anyone only when I am aligned with them from the side or the bottom looking up. If I were to aim at them from the top to bottom I would only interact with the pig instead which is a bit annoying because I have a happy trigger thumb that likes to spam my A button at all times.

    Another thing I would like to mention is about icons. Can we have NPC icons around the map, please? It would make things much easier for when I want to find a specific person. Since these NPCs are always moving around Vale, knowing where they live does not always help when I do not know where they tend to walk around at. And speaking of maps, it would also be helpful if there were notes telling the use of the Map Stones or even the existence of them. I had initially just played without knowing about them at all and I could not check on the map since I did not know I had to activate them first in order to unlock the map. I just assumed it was part of a future update to include the map in since the game is still not complete after all.

    And that's about it I have to say so far. I have yet to explore beyond the Vale yet since I just reached the ending of the Prologue today so I cannot say anything about it yet. But I do hope the Devs take note of these things I mentioned, even if it is just a repeat of what most people in this community has probably already mentioned before me, and improve them in the future updates. I'm really enjoying it idea of the game's concept since it reminds me of Rune Factory plus the generation inheritance system. Keep up the good work, Devs! And thank you for making this game at all!
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    We are improving the Prologue at some point, and one of the tasks will be to map the farm so it will tell you about mapstones :-)

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