Changelog - v0.1.13.2154

🔷 Keyboard remapping (via options menu)
🔷 Presentation/setup of gaining skills improved
  • Cooking now has 3 obtainable recipes
  • Extra skill available for fishing
🔷 Farm mailbox added for developer messages
🔷 First pass for chicken market in Festfield
🔶 Text editing updates
  • Allows the cursor to move using the cursor keys
  • CTRL to jump between words
  • DEL key to delete forwards
🔶 Setup for gifting for NPC's/animals/plants to use similar setup to the selling box
🔶 Navigation preferability setup fixes (main village level used as a first level for testing)
🔶 Riding pig is faster than regular player running
🔶 Calendar shows any birthdays that you have discovered
🔶 Naming nut item returned if you cancel changing names
❌ Fixed crash from pasting text to remove characters that wouldn't render
❌ Fixed incorrect scaling of chicken pop animation
❌ Fixed pet buying screen not working with mouse on 30hz monitors
❌ Various minor corrections to UI prompts that were not showing the correct input for the control method or not accepting the expected input
❌ Fixed an edge case where if you made a 2 star blacksmith item worth 1 brass, it could pay you no money
❌ Blacksmith workers now correctly handle customers picking up orders and browsing customers
❌ Fixed case where blacksmith orders weren't correctly removed if taken from the shelf
❌ Fixed herbs not respawning in some cases
➕ Replaced all old tiles used in levels to remove placeholder images
➕ Removed old placeholder UI images to lower memory usage
➕ Work on internal Skill Tree Editor and Cutscene Editor