🌱 The "Gnome Pun Intended" Update
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Thread: 🌱 The "Gnome Pun Intended" Update

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    🌱 The "Gnome Pun Intended" Update


    It seems we meet again here on the dusty development road. Since your last visit, we've been building a brand new region for your delectation. It's called Tir Na Nog and we've just opened its magical doors for the first time in today's "Gnome Pun Intended" update.

    In addition to this new region, we've also been keeping busy cramming in a few extra bits and bobs. World Builder Charlie has been roaming all over Quill placing brand new lights by using an updated lighting system that Master Linguist Neal conjured up into existence. Meanwhile, Musician Magician Matthijs has been locked away in his chamber of instruments creating all manner of auditory delights - some of which include the sounds of a singing plant. Most curious. There's also a new minigame, a new shop, a new dog breed, plus a handful of other lovely things you can read about below.

    No Place Like Gnome

    We've been looking forward to opening up Tir Na Nog for quite a while, as it's the very first time you'll be able to visit and explore a Fae realm. Though like the rest of the land of Quill, this new region is very much under construction. There's still a good deal left that we want to do with it, ranging from basic polish to adding more activities over time. Tir Na Nog's inhabitants will also need further fleshing out as well.

    That said, there's still a number of new things to play with and explore in the meantime. Just don't be surprised if you encounter a few layering issues or perhaps even find yourself breaking free of your earthly shackles and slipping outside region bounds.

    You can find some highlights from today's update below, followed by a more detailed changelog at the bottom. We welcome you to report any bug sightings in the usual places, such as on our Discord, our forums, or straight to Bugs@Kynseed.com. As we tell all our bug visitors, "You don't have to go home, but you can't stay here."

    New Region: Tir Na Nog
    • A new Fae region now accessible after the Prologue, including:
    • A new minigame to discover
    • A new shop selling fine wares
    • New music and audio effects
    • New items and collectibles
    • New mines containing rare ore

    New Minigame: Squeal Or No Squeal
    • Hosted by Tir Na Nog local celebrity, Gnome Edmunds
    • Strategically pop pig balloons and try to strike a deal
    • A number of potential prizes up for grabs

    Pixie Lottery's Goods Store
    • Sells a few local Tir Na Nog goods, among other things
    • Also sells H. Pepper's Naming Nut, a new item for renaming pets

    New Hair Dyes
    • Hair dyes are now an in-game item
    • This allows for changing hair colour at any time
    • Can be purchased at various stores across the land
    • Plus, a few new colours added!

    • Pugs!
    • Pugs.
    • Pugs...

    Other Additions
    • Pets can now be renamed when purchasing them
    • Added 'the naming nut', which allows for renaming already owned pets
    • Players can now return to Fairweather (similar to how players travel to Tir Na Nog)
    • Fairweather items can now be bought at the cost of years off your life
    • At the end of the year, Fairweather claims his tax of years owed
    • Ambience added for mines
    • Plus a big ol' buncha fixes, improvements, and background work (see below)
    • For a complete look at all changes, check out the full changelog

    Today's update marks yet another spot we can cheerfully check off our trusty Kynseed roadmap. Now that the update is out, we'll spend the remainder of this week looking into and fixing any bugs you report. Then, starting Monday, we chart a course for our next destination: an optimization/flexible update. These are updates in which the PixelCount team will work on a number of less visible but otherwise important background areas.

    Such areas will typically include systems for larger features to come as well as traditional optimization to help keep our engine well oiled and running smooth. We certainly don't want our faithful ol' engine to start slowing down in the middle of our journey.

    As always we'll keep you updated on progress with things like our periodically periodical, The PixelCount Post, as well as on other cozy corners of the internet such as our Discord. There's many stops still ahead on this dusty development road, but with good folks like you at our side we're rather enjoying the journey. See you at the next rest stop for tea time and bathroom breaks.


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    WoW this is fantastic! Great update, thx for the wonderful share... Yippie kai yay.

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