Changelog - v0.1.13.2119

🔷 New Region: Tir Na Nog
  • A new Fae region now accessible after the Prologue, including:
  • A new minigame to discover
  • A new shop selling fine wares
  • New music and audio effects
  • New items and collectibles
  • New mines containing rare ore
🔷 New Minigame: Squeal Or No Squeal
  • Hosted by Tir Na Nog local celebrity, Gnome Edmunds
  • Strategically pop pig balloons and try to strike a deal
  • A number of potential prizes up for grabs
🔷 Pixie Lottery's Goods Store
  • Sells a few local Tir Na Nog goods, among other things
  • Also sells H. Pepper's Naming Nut, a new item for renaming pets
🔷 Hair dyes are now an in-game item
  • This allows for changing hair colour at any time
  • Can be purchased at various stores across the land
  • Plus, a few new colours added!
🔷 Pugs! A new dog breed available to buy in Summerdown
🔷 Pets can now be renamed when purchasing them
🔷 Added 'the naming nut', which allows for renaming already owned pets
🔷 Players can now return to Fairweather (similar to how players travel to Tir Na Nog)
🔷 Fairweather items can now be bought at the cost of years off your life
🔷 At the end of the year, Fairweather claims his tax of years owed
🔷 Ambience added for mines
🔶 Regions have had a lighting pass to add in more ambient lights for natural night time visibility
🔶 When the player owns the blacksmith, they now have the option to take/replace their items (implementation is still first pass)
🔶 Selling Box UI improvements
🔶 Various icons improved or replaced
🔶 New outlines for all plants
🔶 Various region refinements for collision/placement and layering
🔶 Some more ore to be found in mines
🔶 Balancing of apprenticeship blacksmith prices based on star rating and ore worth
🔶 Watering can area adjusted to better match on-screen
🔶 Reduced minnow shrink probability
🔶 Interact icons added and setup
🔶 New season and year notifications now looking a bit more presentable
❌ Fixed lantern not working after save/load if it's in the active slot
❌ Darklight lantern correctly initialised on loading save
❌ Fix for blacksmith stock screen recycling not working with controller
❌ Fixed pig racing getting softlocked on a race start after 6pm (the races finish at 6pm so the NPC's now disperse at that time)
❌ Fixed blacksmith orders not properly ticking over from season to season and year to year
❌ Added control prompt on results screen for blacksmith to prompt the right key to use
❌ Fix for pig riding on level transition resulting in unexpected behaviour
❌ Fixed a growable's 'something already growing there' case to prevent the issue and retroactively fix saves
❌ Dog should no longer repeatedly nav back and forth at dig spot range
❌ Adjustments for inventory items going off-screen on certain tabs
❌ Fixed a problem with the minigame where it wouldn't trigger properly and time could get stuck
❌ Fixed crash on entering inventory after buying a recipe/proverb and going into the inventory with a certain timing of UI on-screen
❌ Stalls disabled from player use for now - lemonade stand should work as intended
❌ Fix for inventory/map/calendar icons not clicking correctly with mouse in some circumstances
❌ Fish were locked to a single type on entering the level but should now change as intended based on different spawn presets per pond