Changelog - v0.1.12.2059

🔶 Interacting with signposts will add them to reminders and dismiss the icon above them
❌ Fix for potential issue with date formatting on save screen depending on Windows language settings
❌ Crash fix when buying last cat and then trying to buy another without anything selected
❌ Fix for Home Sweet Home not functioning after loading a save
❌ Clicking D-Pad sections with mouse shouldn't close down on a second click anywhere on-screen
❌ Fix for following animals not always picking the right route back home and animal location not updating when first arriving in a level as the player does
  • These should result in the return of animals that went missing
❌ Fix for cure to illness not working in some circumstances
❌ Fix for several cases of "route not possible on current map" errors
❌ Adjusted NPC navigation to avoid occasional glitch frames where they turn the wrong way