Changelog - v0.1.12.2057
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Thread: Changelog - v0.1.12.2057

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    Changelog - v0.1.12.2057


    Changelog - v0.1.12.2057

    🔷 Blacksmith Ownership
    • Open and close shop
    • Fulfill customer orders
    • Create, sell, and recycle blacksmith goods
    • Hiring staff
    • First pass of the business ledger
    • Staff opening the shop
    • Existing village customers coming by and ordering
    🔷 New Fairweather Items
    • Home Sweet Home (keeps your farm close)
    • Trough (to assist with pig-related chores)
    • Rootways (a magical way to get around)
    🔷 Updated art for growables
    🔷 New and replaced book text
    🔷 Put a new common fish in
    🔷 Snow in winter
    🔶 Alternative loading asset method to speed up the game screen appearing.
    • Makes the screen appear earlier but then requires waiting for assets to load.
    • Should roughly take the same time as before.
    🔶 Dandelions pickupable for later use!
    🔶 Highlight around majority of gatherables
    🔶 Box appears when player can interact with objects
    🔶 Blacksmith crafting UI refinements
    🔶 NPC chat/favours fixes based on feedback
    🔶 Likes/Dislikes for Summerdown villagers
    🔶 Saves show and are ordered by last saved date
    ❌ Friendship down on loading save fixed
    ❌ Market stall interact point improved
    ❌ Disabled decay behaviour for items
    ❌ Flickering scrolling down item box in task create fixed
    ❌ Status UI screen scrolling should loop back to start correctly
    ❌ Capturing more info from crashes
    ❌ Pigs should show up in the right place after buying from auction
    ❌ Fix for bluefish appearance in the market stand
    ➕ Some first steps taken on localisation
    ➕ Preferability setup for pathfinding
    ➕ Preparation to provide a pixel font that stops the antialias blurring in the current setup

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