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Thread: House and social status

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    House and social status

    Hi !

    I look pretty much everyday at your twitter page to see what's happening with the game. I'm obviously really excited about it (-: !

    I first just want to ask if you have some intention of adding the possibility to uprgrade your house or acquired some new ones during the game?

    And if the possibility to gain some social status/be an important character will be a feature ( like depending on the choice/action you made you can become a king, for example. (Not a already define path to the story, more like a possibility that have to be worked for to obtain )) ?

    I try to look on the roadmap and the forum but I didn't find my answers...

    Have a nice day ^.^

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    Hi PouletteCoquette!

    I'm afraid I don't have an answer about the housing. I believe, however, that there are no real cohesive forms of government in Kynseed (which means there aren't any positions like governors or kings to attain!). Perhaps someone else can help out about the housing, though!

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    Wouldn't mind reviving this topic, or at least part of it, i.e. house upgrades. It would be great if house upgrades and/or customization to some extent could be added. With the passing of time and aging being such a thing, it would be much more immersive and enjoyable if the house and even the farm itself would change now and then. Also being able to rearrange at least certain objects and features. Especially once coming into adulthood, I'd love to make the whole farm much more "mine".

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    Yeah, it'd be great to be able to personalize the farm for yourself.

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