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Thread: Kynseed Roadmap

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    Kynseed Roadmap


    Making a game is a notoriously unpredictable path filled with all manner of random encounters. To traverse this development landscape, we'll need a map. Preferably one with a road. Thus enters the Kynseed Roadmap! Within this map you'll find a look at what updates we've already completed, an overview of what updates to expect in the near future, and lastly a long-term view of the entire game.

    Having a clear outlined plan is a necessary component for any game, but one of the benefits of being a small indie team is the freedom to approach development more organically. So as we devised our roadmap, it was important to us that we balanced structure with flexibility. We want to remain agile so that we can react to things that a roadmap can't possibly predict.

    To do this, we'll map out upcoming updates one batch at a time. Each batch of major updates will include a small sentence or two describing that update's primary focus, but updates further out will be a bit more mysterious. Once we finish an update, we'll mark it as complete and include a bullet list of highlights (in addition to a larger community announcement and changelog.) Each update may take around a month, sometimes more depending. As always, we'll keep you updated every step of the way in our community and with our weekly devlog, The PixelCount Post.

    Check out the map legend below for more details, plus instructions on how to access other development branches. We're easy to find around the community, so don't hesitate to give us a shout if you have any burning questions we can extinguish. Thank you all for joining us on this road trip and for being our travel companions. We've packed plenty of snacks and our Spotify playlists are primed and ready.

    Each update on this roadmap will get rolled out to all players on all platforms once ready. While we can't guarantee there won't be bugs or other issues from time to time, these major updates will be as stable as we can manage for an in-development game such as ours. However, we know some of you are hungry for more frequent updates, even if it means things might be less stable as a result. That's where update branches come in!

    So what is a 'branch'? In development terms, a branch is a sort of update channel you can subscribe to and change at any time. Whatever branch you subscribe to will automatically download whenever we push an update to it. Below is an overview of the different branches we'll be using during development, as well as information on how to access them.

    Main Branch
    This is the default branch all players are put in at the start. In general, this branch will receive an update whenever we complete one of the major roadmap updates listed on this roadmap. As such, this will be the most stable branch and is what we recommend to the average player who wants no-fuss straightforward game updates. (We make every effort to keep saves as stable as possible on this branch.)

    Preview Branch
    Before we send out an update to the main branch above, we push the update out a week early for players who like to help us test things first. This assists in squashing out any bugs or feedback that we didn't catch ourselves in our own playtesting. (Saves can sometimes be backed up, but may occasionally break.)

    Experimental Branch
    Some players love getting their hands dirty by helping us playtest the more frequent incremental changes to the game. While it's by no means a requirement that you send us feedback if using this branch, we do encourage such players to work closely with us by giving feedback and bug reports for this branch in the usual places (forums and Discord preferably). This branch is perfect for players who want to work more closely with us and have a more hands-on impact on development. (Save stability cannot be guaranteed!)

    How To Select Branches
    1. Within the Steam application, right click Kynseed in your library
    2. Select "Properties" from the menu
    3. Click the "Betas" tab
    4. Choose either the 'latest' or 'experimental' branch as outline above (select "None" to return to the default main branch)

    Upcoming Updates
    This is the current batch of updates being worked on, organized in the order we'll do them. Once a batch of updates is complete, we'll then map out the next batch. An update's main focus will typically represent first implementation, not full implementation.

    The Entire Journey
    This is the overview of all game content still to come. This overview covers only new content at the time this roadmap was first written and doesn't necessarily represent all content already in-game.

    Update Types
    To cover ground at an even pace, updates will fall under one of three categories: Features, Content, and Future.

    Release Timing
    The further out a roadmap goes, the more difficult it is to predict its timing. So to ensure we don't promise inaccurate far-off release dates, we're instead focusing on a release rhythm. Each update will take around a month or so, with smaller in-between patches released as needed.

    The Entire Journey Symbols
    🌰 - Initial first pass implementation
    🌱 - Progressively more polished and refined
    🌳 - Generally implemented as intended

    • Havens
      • 🌱 The Vale
        • 🌱 Candlewych Village
        • 🌱 Surrounding Regions

      • 🌱 Summerdown
        • 🌱 Poppyhill Village
        • 🌱 Surrounding Regions

      • 🌰 Mellowfields
        • 🌰 Mellowbrook Village
        • 🌰 Surrounding Regions

      • Deepstone
        • Sagtyt Village
        • Surrounding Regions

      • Woemarsh
        • Gaslight Village
        • Surrounding Regions

      • Pinehaven
        • Tunt Village
        • Surrounding Regions

    • Hubs
      • The Circle
      • Stonecrown
      • The Shingles

    • Combat Regions
      • 🌰 Simplewood
      • Softwood
      • Midwood
      • Toughwood
      • Nightmare Hallow

    • Fae Realms
      • 🌰 Tir Na Nog
      • E’ergreen
      • Briar
      • Voide

    • Quill Hoarders
      • Regional Collectables (Food, Recipes, Books, Etc.)
      • More Insects to Collect
      • Scattered Ancient Relics to Find
      • Special Fae Shops
      • Gems & Runes to Imbue Items
      • 🌰 Home Delivery Boxes
      • 🌰 Noticeboard
      • 🌰 Mailbox
      • 🌰 Home Larder
      • Seasonal Temples with Goddess Challenges

    • Getting Around
      • 🌰 Rootways
      • World Shortcuts
      • 🌰 Glowing Trail
      • 🌰 'Wottyzit' Interactable Highlighting
      • 🌰 Additional Map Icons/Elements
      • Campfires When Travelling
      • 🌰 Goddess Interactions
        • 🌰 Statue Travel
        • 🌰 Statue Offering
        • 🌰 Goddess Curses
        • 🌰 Goddess Boons

    • Attending Events
      • Village Festivals
      • Seasonal Events
      • 🌰 Pig Racing
      • 🌰 Sheep Racing
      • 🌰 Chicken Racing
      • 🌱 Pig Auctions
      • 🌰 Sheep Auctions
      • 🌱 Chicken Auctions
      • 🌰 Marble Minigame
      • 🌱 Squeal or No Squeal Minigame
      • (Other Minigames Likely to Come)

    • Generations
      • First Generation NPC’s for Each Village
      • Generic NPC Components for Future Generations
      • 🌰 Visual Aging for Life Stages
      • NPC Funerals
      • Generational Family Feuds

    • NPC Systems
      • 🌰 Schedules & Routines
      • Reactions & Emotes
      • 🌰 Chat System
      • 🌰 Asking Favours
      • 🌰 Family Secret Boxes
      • 🌰 Birthdays & Favorite Items

    • Pets
      • 🌰 Buying Pets
      • 🌰 Interacting with Pets
      • 🌰 Riding Pets
      • 🌰 Pet Whistle
      • Pet Aging

    • The Role of Masters
      • Each Master Gives a List of Tasks
      • Players Learn a New Ability for Each Completed Task

    • Master Skills
      • Melee Combat
      • Ranged Combat
      • Exploring
      • Nature
      • 🌰 Gardening
      • 🌰 Fishing
        • 🌰 Hook
        • 🌰 Drag

      • Cooking
      • Bard

    • Combat Zone Denizens
      • 🌰 Hobs
      • Nobs
      • 🌰 Lobs
      • Nymphs
      • Forest Hag
      • Remnants
      • Jabberwock
      • Fachen
      • Barghest
      • Dragon
      • Banshee
      • Buggane
      • Plus some nasty surprises!

    • 🌰 Tir Na Nog
      • 🌰 Gnomes
      • 🌰 Fairies

    • E’ergreen
      • Mossmen
      • Dryad
      • Puck
      • Green Children

    • Briar
      • Fel

    • Voide
      • Shimmerkyn

    • Player’s Life
      • Player Appearance Customisation
      • 🌳 Kid Age Player Sprites
      • 🌰 Adult Age Player Sprites
      • Elder Age Player Sprites
      • 🌰 Life Mirror
      • Selecting Kynseed Inheritor

    • Passing On Legacies
      • Physical Possessions
      • Genetics
      • Training

    • Relationships
      • 🌰 Friendship
      • 🌰 Dating
      • 🌰 Marriage
      • 🌰 Copulation
      • Children
      • Orphanage Adoption

    • Family
      • Kynseed Tree
        • All Tree Growth Stages
        • Branching Upgrade Tree (Literally)

      • Nurture Children to Teach Skills
      • Gain Positive/Negative Perks from Activities
      • Choose Family Traits & Perks

    • Combat
      • Additional Melee Weapons
      • Range Weapons
      • 🌰 Combat Death & Fairweather Revival Cost
      • Unlock Combat Abilities

    • Farming
      • 🌰 Buy or Find Seeds
      • 🌰 Plant Seeds in Farming Areas
      • 🌰 Water Crops
      • 🌰 Fertilise Crops
      • Upgrade Farming Tools
      • 🌰 Unlock Farming Abilities

    • Fishing
      • 🌰 Seasonal & Weather Dependent Fish
      • Find Rare Fish
      • 🌰 Unlock Fishing Abilities

    • Mining
      • Mine for Ore in Dungeons or Caves
      • Upgrade Tools for Better Materials
      • Knockers!

    • 🌰 Digging
      • 🌰 Digging Minigame with Rewards
      • 🌰 Upgradeable Tools for Better Rewards

    • Sequences
      • Scripted Cutscenes
      • Mystery Events/Appearances
      • Vignettes
      • Among Other Surprises

    • 🌰 Mr Fairweather
      • 🌰 Returning to Fairweather
      • 🌰 Fairweather Items
      • 🌰 Yearly Tax

    • 🌰 Blacksmith
      • 🌱 Craft Weapons, Tools, & Other Items
      • 🌰 Use Different Ore Materials & Moulds
      • 🌰 Cabinet for Storing Crafted Items
      • Add Augment Gems and Runes

    • 🌰 Goods Store
      • 🌰 Sell Various Goods & Animals
      • 🌱 Barter with Customers
      • 🌰 Display Items
      • 🌰 Feed & Care for Animals
      • Simple Customisation of Store Decor

    • Apothecary
      • Mix Powders, Potions, & Creams
      • Use Ingredients with Different Effects/Traits
      • Herb Garden for Growing Ingredients
      • Cabinet for Storing Mixed Goods
      • Crafting Room
        • Grinding
        • Chopping
        • Mixing
        • Distilling
        • Bottling

    • Tavern
      • Craft Beers to Sell
      • Assign Beers to Kegs
      • Serve Local NPC’s
      • Hire Entertainers
      • Beer Crafting Process
        • Malt Roasting
        • Mashing
        • Boiling

    • General Operation
      • 🌱 Open & Close Shop
      • 🌱 Customers Order at Counter
      • Common & Rare Customer Types

    • 🌰 Ledger
      • 🌰 Manage Orders & Stock
      • 🌰 Set Employee Hours & Wages
      • 🌰 View Profit/Loss Info
      • 🌰 View Shop Status Info
      • 🌰 Rename Shop

    • 🌰 Hiring Staff
      • 🌰 Hire Staff to Run the Store
      • 🌰 Local NPC’s Can Be Employed
      • 🌱 NPC’s Have Different Job-Related Skills
      • 🌰 Staff Will Impact Business Reputation

    • Reputation
      • 🌰 Businesses Can Gain or Lose Reputation
        • 🌰 Local Rep - The Village Level
        • 🌰 World Rep - Word Travels at Higher Rep
        • 🌰 Personal Rep - Combined Total of Local/World Rep

      • Business Gets Known for Highest Quality Item
      • Can Earn Business Awards
      • Unlock Shop Upgrades from Special Fae

    • New UI
      • Kynseed Tree Interface
      • 🌰 Wheel of Delight
      • 🌰 Family Skills/Status
      • Job Crafting Stations
      • 🌰 Font System Refinements

    • Icons
      • 🌱 Pop-Up Bubbles for Interactables
      • NPC Emotes/Reactions
      • Inventory Items
      • Control Icons (Keyboard, Mouse, & Gamepad)

    • Mouse, Keyboard, & Gamepad
      • 🌰 Keyboard Remapping
      • Gamepad Vibration Feedback
      • Ongoing Improvements to Existing Controls

    • Writing
      • Flavour Text
      • Books
      • Proverbs
      • 🌰 More Dialogue Variety for NPC’s

    • Other Systems
      • Balancing (Economy, Combat, Etc.)
      • Localisation Preparations
      • Game Speed & File Size Optimizations

    • Backer Rewards
      • Backer Names in the Credits
      • Digital Art Pack (Wallpapers, Posters, GIF’s)
      • Digital Uncompressed Soundtrack
      • Digital Lore Bible & Art Book
      • ComboSprite Editor
      • Backer Named Wandering Fae
      • Personalised Gravestone Epitaphs
      • Custom Backer Statues
      • Custom Backer Legendary Items

    • Audio
      • Music for All New Content
      • Additional SFX for New Content
      • Refine Volume Mixing for All Music/SFX

    • Scenery
      • Wildlife Creatures
        • Squirrels
        • Hares
        • Different Birds
        • Possibly Others

      • Additional Weather Systems
      • Particle Effects (Chimney Smoke, Etc.)
      • Rooftops for Buildings

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    This is all very exciting. Gonna be so cool to see it all woven together.

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    That's a lot of work lads and lasses, look after yourselves! Looking forward to seeing all of these updates!

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    Will we be able to breed animals? This all looks really great, I can't wait to see it all put together!

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    This is an amazing game, can't wait to see you make it even better ^_^
    Cheese - it's good for you.

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    This is amazing, I am so excited for this game!

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    Howdy all! I'm just posting here as a quick catch-up post for anyone who may've missed some of our recent activity this month. Of particular note is that the roadmap has been added to with a new batch of updates as well as some new status indicators for the 'Entire Journey' section at the bottom.

    We also just dropped a new update as well, which you can read about here if you haven't already.

    Lastly, we put up a new thread with details on how to access our different development branches for any of you interested in getting our more frequent but less stable builds. Hop on over here to check it out if that's something you'd be interested in.


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    This is amazing, I am so excited for this game! GTA San Andreas Apk
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