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    Question Can't Cure Green Father

    Woke up to a very Green Father and being the good child that I am, I rushed off to find the cure. I completed the quest up to getting the Cuckoo Dew, talking to Lemmy Sipp, and gaining the Candlewych Green. Unsure what to do with it after that I talked to father then used the gift option (the one you get after clicking greetings). He just says thank you and stays green. (He also wasn't in bed if that has anything to do with it. He was up and walking around the house).
    What should I do to complete this quest now that I have accidentally given away the Candlewych Green. I don't see any in the Shop and I've even tried just giving him a Cuckoo Dew and he is still green.

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    I have the same issue, and he unfortunately stayed like that for the entirety of the prologue.

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