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  1. Collecting Slacker Backer rewards? (Very late)

    I know it's been a good couple years since Kynseed's funding (how time flies), and I haven't really played since the first demo, but I'm trying to get back into the game. I remember donating to the...
  2. Good lord do not get me started on Far Cry 5, my...

    Good lord do not get me started on Far Cry 5, my sheer salt could turn the Atlantic into a new Dead Sea.

    I had a feeling it couldn't really be done, though I am curious. If you choose never to...
  3. [Light Spoilers] Option to NOT take the Kynseed?

    So yeah, I know it's the game's namesake, and it's a major plot point, but I personally wish we could avoid ever taking Fairweather's deal.

    I've always been twitchy about games that present...
  4. Sticky: Just backed!

    Just backed!
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